Nafeesah & Ismail

Success stories warm my heart and this space is all about the entire halal dating journey – from failed rishtas, broken hearts to happy endings.

So when Nafeesah reached out to share her story, I was so excited to share it with you all – it’s these stories that give you hope, that remind you, when it’s your time, InshAllah you will be guided to the one that is meant for you!

How long had you been searching for a partner?

I was searching for 3 years before I met Ismail. I used various apps, attended marriage events and also asked family members to recommend someone suitable. 

At any point, did you feel like giving up? What kept you going?

Yes! Several times, but I’m a very tenacious person. I just won’t take no for an answer and that kept me going. I did question at times whether it was going to happen for me, but I was so determined to find someone.

What was the hardest part of your search?

I often came across people that just weren’t serious. Some that would just lie to me whilst speaking to them online and I also often felt I was being judged unfairly. At one point, while attending a marriage event, I met someone I thought I got on really well with. I was feeling quite hopeful until he rejected me because of where I’m from – a lot of these encounters were just horrible to deal with.

What was your experience like using an online app?

I was reluctant to go online at first, but then thought I’d give it a try. It was very time consuming, swiping through multiple profiles and I just felt so defeated at times! In the end I just kept going with it and my family were onboard, they knew I’d introduce them to whoever I was considering before I made any firm decisions.

When did you know Ismail was the one?

Alhamdullilah, I matched with Ismail on Muzmatch last July. I remember he wrote on his profile that he was looking for someone that was willing to make an effort – that really spoke to me, because I just felt the exact same way. 

I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, he was very quiet when we first met. It definitely took some time but he kept proving me wrong at every stage. He would travel hours to see me, would call and text whenever he was able to and when he booked a table at this restaurant and bought me flowers – I was sold! 

How did you introduce him to your family?

He first met my big sister who grilled him a little, but he remained cool, calm and collected the entire time and shortly after he met my parents. Once that went well, we had his whole family over – I was nervous to meet his mum initially, but she was absolutely lovely!

We’ve since gotten engaged and were due to marry this August. Although we’re still having the Nikkah, we’ve postponed our Walima to next year due to the pandemic. 

What advice would you give to anyone that’s searching for their partner?

If I could say one thing to people looking now, it would be – don’t give up! It will happen when you least expect it to. Keep believing and keep trying, your guy is out there!

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